Green Lion 2 in 1 Digital Display Microphone | Lightning Connector


Digital Silicone Mark Microphone 20 Meter Accessible Reception 600mAh Battery Capacity 5Hrs Working Clear Timbre



An effective and reasonably priced choice for professional sound recording is the Green Lion 2 in 1 Digital Display Microphone. Due to its 600mAh battery capacity, you are given a long-lasting battery life that operates for up to 5 hours without the need to recharge. It comprises of two expertly crafted digital display microphones that are housed in a casing with a lightning connector that can be charged. This cutting-edge digital microphone gives you the opportunity to enjoy clean and clear sound tracking thanks to its 64DB SNR (Sound-to-Noise Ration), -75DB Sensitivity, 30ms Transmission delay, and clear timber capabilities. This microphone is particularly desirable for recording scenarios where audio quality, fidelity, and precise sound reproduction are of the highest significance due to its 20-meter accessible range and preceding characteristics.


Green Lion


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