JBL Rock ONE Wireless Microphone


HARMAN Professional 10 hours of continuous operation on a full charge 1700 mAh Battery 20-band UHF wireless and infrared pairing Up to 30 meters reception from microphone to receiver Simultaneous operation of up to four Rock ONE microphone sets Direct charging from the JBL EON ONE Portable PA The JBL Rock ONE series is the…

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Portability and Compatibility:

The JBL Rock ONE series is designed to be truly portable, allowing users to perform or present from anywhere. It pairs seamlessly with the JBL EON ONE series and is also compatible with most other portable PA systems on the market.

Expandable System:

The system supports up to four Rock ONE microphone/receiver sets to be used simultaneously. This allows for versatile configurations and coordination in various performance or presentation setups.

Charging Convenience:

The Rock ONE system features on-the-go charging for both the receiver and the microphone. Users can conveniently charge their devices using the included USB-C cable, eliminating the need for external power sources. The system can be charged directly from the JBL EON ONE or any other compatible power source.

Long Battery Life:

With a full 10 hours of working time on a single charge, the Rock ONE system ensures uninterrupted performance even during extended events or presentations.

Superior Wireless Transmission:

The system utilizes a 10-band UHF wireless transmission and infrared pairing technology, providing clear and interference-free audio transmission. This offers a significant advantage over 2.4G / 5.2G wireless systems, which are more susceptible to interference.

Wide Wireless Range:

With up to 30 meters of wireless range between the microphone and receiver, users have the freedom to move and engage audiences in venues of all shapes and sizes. This ensures reliable performance and connectivity in various performance environments.

Customizable Design:

Each Rock ONE microphone/receiver set comes with exchangeable color plates in red, white, yellow, or pink. This allows users to personalize their devices and easily identify them during use.

Overall, the JBL Rock ONE series rechargeable portable UHF wireless microphone system offers unparalleled convenience, reliability, and performance for artists, presenters, and performers seeking a versatile and high-quality audio solution.




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