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39g lightweight 1.69″ Square TFT display Colorful body 3 Color Options 30 workout modes Health guard 9-day battery life 24-hour heart rate monitoring nighttime sleep monitoring real-time blood oxygen detection all-day stress monitoring and female menstrual cycle management Dimension 45.9*37.1*11.35 (mm) Strap width 22mm Resolution 240*280 Bluetooth V5.0 Sensors Heart rate sensor, motion sensor, blood…

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1.69″ Large Color Screen Broader View:

  • The Haylou GST Lite features a large 1.69″ color screen with a resolution of 240×280 pixels and 2.5D curved edge glass.
  • This display offers a more colorful and smoother viewing experience with clearer details, providing users with a broader view for enhanced readability and visual appeal.

Vibrant Watch Faces Express More of Yourself:

  • The smartwatch offers a variety of built-in watch faces that can perfectly match users’ tastes and temperaments.
  • Users also have the option to upload their photos for a more personalized watch face, allowing them to express themselves and start each day with their favorite design.

39g Lightweight Design All-day wearing comfort:

  • Weighing only 39g, the Haylou GST Lite is designed for all-day wearing comfort, ensuring users can wear it comfortably during workouts and daily activities without feeling burdened.

30 Workout Modes Bring a Sense of Fulfillment:

  • The smartwatch offers 30 workout modes, allowing users to explore various activities and exercise routines to their heart’s content.
  • It accurately monitors and analyzes key workout data, providing users with a sense of fulfillment and helping them track their progress effectively.

IP68 Waterproof Built to Endure:

  • The Haylou GST Lite is IP68 waterproof, making it resistant to water and dust.
  • Users can wear the watch without worry during activities such as handwashing, sweating during workouts, or exposure to rainy weather.

Smart Sleep Monitoring Sleep Sound and Dream Well:

  • The smartwatch automatically senses users’ sleep status and records data such as sleep duration and depth.
  • This feature helps users develop good sleep habits and wake up feeling energized and refreshed for a new day.

Heart Rate Tracking Abnormal Heart Rate Alert:

  • The watch monitors users’ heart rate daily and generates a real-time heart rate curve.
  • It provides alerts for abnormally high or low heart rates, allowing users to optimize their workouts and maintain heart health.

Blood Oxygen Tracking Better Understand Physical State:

  • The Haylou GST Lite can measure users’ SpO2 levels at any time, providing valuable insights into their physical state.
  • It helps users better understand their body’s oxygen levels, which can affect energy levels and overall well-being.

Female Cycle Management Considerate Care:

  • The smartwatch records users’ menstrual periods and provides predictions and reminders for upcoming menstrual and fertile periods.
  • This feature offers considerate care for female users, allowing them to track their cycles and receive timely reminders.

Stress Test Understand Your Anxiety:

  • Users can check their stress levels at any time using the advanced stress algorithm.
  • The watch offers breathing exercises to help users relax their body and mind during times of high stress.

9-day Battery Life Built to Last:

  • With one full charge, the Haylou GST Lite smartwatch offers a battery life of up to 9 days in daily mode and approximately 30 days in long battery life mode.
  • It can quickly recharge in a short time, ensuring users can rely on it for extended periods without interruption.




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