Google Pixel Watch 2


Battery Lasts More Than 24 Hours Slick, Fast Performance Comprehensive Fitness Tracking Comfortable to Wear 24/7 Always-on Display Fitbit’s Most Spot-on Heart Rate Tracking. 24-Hour Battery and Always-on Display.


Advanced Sensors (Heart Rate Tracking, Skin Temperature, Stress Management):

These sensors are designed to provide users with insights into their health and wellness.

The accuracy and reliability of these sensors may vary based on individual factors such as skin type, placement of the watch, and user behavior.

Users should not rely solely on the information provided by these sensors for medical decisions and should consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

Recycled Aluminum Housing:

The claim of the housing being made of 100% recycled light aluminum is subject to the availability of materials and manufacturing processes.

This claim is based on current information and may be subject to change based on future developments or sourcing changes.

Heart Rate Tracking Accuracy:

Fitbit’s claim of improved heart rate tracking accuracy is based on their own testing methodologies.

Users should understand that individual variations may affect the accuracy of heart rate measurements, and the device’s readings should not substitute professional medical advice.

Battery Life and Always-On Display:

Battery life claims are based on typical usage patterns and settings.

The use of the always-on display feature may impact battery life and user experience.

Actual battery performance may vary depending on usage habits, settings, and other factors.

Health and Fitness Information:

Information provided by the Pixel Watch 2 regarding health and fitness is for informational purposes only.

Users should not interpret this information as medical advice and should consult healthcare professionals for personalized recommendations.

Emergency SOS and Fall Detection:

These features are designed to provide assistance in emergency situations but may not always function as intended.

Users should not solely rely on these features in critical situations and should have alternative means of seeking help.

Safety Check Alerts:

The reliability of Safety Check alerts is dependent on network connectivity and may not always be guaranteed.

ECG App for Atrial Fibrillation Assessment:

The ECG app’s ability to assess heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis.

Users should consult healthcare professionals for accurate diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions.

Workout Features:

Features such as Auto Workout mode, Heart Zone Training, and Pace Training provide users with tools to enhance their fitness routines.

Users should use these features in conjunction with personal fitness goals and should not rely solely on them for training advice.

Integration with Google Apps:

The availability and functionality of Google apps on the Pixel Watch 2 may vary based on compatibility and software updates.

Users should ensure their apps are up-to-date for optimal performance.

Fast Pair and Device Compatibility:

The Fast Pair feature requires compatible Pixel devices and may not work with all devices.

Users should check compatibility before attempting to use this feature.

Control of Pixel Camera and Nest Devices:

Controlling Pixel Camera and Nest devices from the Pixel Watch 2 may require additional setup and compatible devices.

Users should follow setup instructions provided by Google for optimal performance.

These legal disclaimers aim to inform users of the Pixel Watch 2 about the limitations and considerations associated with its features, encouraging responsible usage and informed decision-making.

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