70mai Dash Cam A400

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1440P Quad HD + 145° Field of View 3.6-Megapixel Camera Dual-Channel Recording 24H Smart Parking Surveillance 70mai Night Owl Vision Supported microSD card 500mAh Battery Interior Recording 24H Smart Parking Surveillance GC4653 Sensor G-Sensor impact and motion detection Compatible with RC09 Rear Camera Unique Design Control via APP

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Introducing the 70mai A400 Dash Cam: Unrivaled Clarity and Coverage

440P Quad HD Resolution

Experience unparalleled clarity and color accuracy with the 70mai A400 Dash Cam, recording in Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440. Enjoy crystal-clear visuals that capture every detail of your journey with exceptional precision.

145° Wide Field of View

With a wide-angle field of view of 145°, the A400 covers at least three lanes of traffic, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. Capture more events in each frame and enhance your overall driving experience with enhanced visibility.

Dual-Channel Recording

Achieve all-around coverage with dual-channel recording when paired with the RC09 rear camera (sold separately). The A400 seamlessly integrates with the RC09 to provide enhanced security and surveillance, ensuring complete protection on the road.

Enhanced Protection Inside and Out

For added security, the A400 is compatible with the FC02 Interior Dash Cam (sold separately), offering a full HD view of your vehicle’s cabin. Monitor driving behavior, record passenger activities, and capture memorable moments with ease.

Easy Installation

Enjoy hassle-free installation by simply connecting the Interior Dash Cam to the A400 and start recording instantly. Experience clear in-cabin imagery with 1080P resolution and a wide 130° field of view, providing comprehensive coverage of your vehicle’s interior.

Infrared Night Vision

Experience well-illuminated images even in low-light conditions with the A400’s infrared night vision technology. Utilizing six infrared lights, the A400 delivers exceptional visibility at night, ensuring clear and detailed recordings regardless of the lighting conditions.

24H Smart Parking Surveillance

Stay vigilant even when your car is parked with the A400’s 24H smart parking surveillance feature. The built-in G-sensor detects sudden shakes or collisions while your car is off, automatically initiating recording to capture potential incidents. Receive voice alerts upon powering the car back on if an emergency video is recorded.

App Control

Stay connected and in control with the 70mai App, allowing you to easily watch real-time footage, take pictures, and download files to your phone. Manage your recordings with ease and stay informed about your vehicle’s security status, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Loop Recording

Enjoy uninterrupted recording with loop recording functionality. New recordings will automatically overwrite older footage when your storage reaches its limit, ensuring continuous coverage without the need for manual intervention.

Upgrade your driving experience with the 70mai A400 Dash Cam, offering unrivaled clarity, coverage, and security on every journey. Experience peace of mind and enhanced visibility with advanced features designed to keep you safe on the road.




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