JBL Wireless Dual Microphone Set


High vocal quality and Original JBL Pro Sound Rechargeable UHF dual channel wireless receiver Plug and play Best performance with JBL PartyBox speaker 10m Distance between transmitter and receiver Cardioid Polar Pattern 65 Hz-15kHz Frequency response 60 dBA Signal-to-Noise(S/N) ratio 100 dB A-weighted, typical Dynamic range Microphones come with replaceable AA batteries Up to 6…

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Introducing the JBL wireless microphones, designed to elevate your vocal performances with unparalleled clarity and precision backed by Original JBL Pro Sound.

High Vocal Quality and Original JBL Pro Sound:

Experience crystal-clear clarity with no jamming, delay, or distortion. Your voice will sound impeccable, supported by the incredible Original JBL Pro Sound for a professional-grade audio experience.

Rechargeable UHF Dual Channel Wireless Receiver:

Connect two wireless microphones simultaneously to the rechargeable UHF dual-channel wireless receiver. Enjoy up to 6 hours of continuous playtime with both voices blended perfectly through the speaker.

Plug and Play:

Enjoy a hassle-free setup with the JBL wireless microphones. Simply turn on the receiver and wireless microphone, and you’re ready to go instantly, ensuring you’re heard when it matters most.

Microphones Come with Replaceable AA Batteries:

The JBL wireless microphones come equipped with easily replaceable AA batteries, ensuring you can keep the party going all night long without worrying about power.

Best Performance with JBL PartyBox Speakers:

While the JBL wireless microphones can be used with any speaker featuring a mic input, they are optimized for use with JBL PartyBox speakers with mic inputs, delivering the best possible performance.

With the JBL wireless microphones, you can sing along with incredible vocal clarity and Original JBL Pro Sound. Take center stage and sound your best with no distortion or delay. Simply plug the wireless dual-channel receiver into your speaker, turn on the mics, and get ready to shine. Whether you’re performing solo or dueting, the JBL wireless microphones ensure a spotlight-worthy performance every time.




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