Haylou T15 True Wireless Earbuds


Bluetooth 5.0 Up to 60hr battery life Smart touch control Master-slave switch 3.7g falcon-style body Carry case is your extra power bank Battery level display Smart touch control Pick up to connect

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Haylou T15 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds: Elevate Your Audio Experience

Cutting-Edge Technology: Haylou T15 earbuds are powered by the latest chipset, supporting the AAC codec for superior audio quality. The 6mm bio-diaphragm ensures high-quality sound reproduction across all frequencies.

Stable Connection: Each earbud connects independently to the signal source, reducing the risk of communication loss and enabling seamless usage.

DSP Noise Reduction: Enjoy crystal-clear call quality with the integrated DSP noise reduction system, enhancing voice clarity during calls.

Triple Fast Response Gaming Mode: Experience zero latency gaming with the triple fast response gaming mode, ensuring you stay ahead in dynamic online games.

Unprecedented Battery Life: With a whopping 60 hours of playback on a single charge, Haylou T15 sets a new standard in battery life. The 2200mAh carry case doubles as a power bank, offering convenience on the go.

Smart Battery Management: The built-in Hall magnetic sensor displays the remaining battery level via LEDs, ensuring you’re always aware of the power status.

Reverse Charging Capability: The carry case can even reverse charge your smartphone, providing additional utility beyond powering up the earbuds.

Smart Touch Controls: Easily manage calls and music playback with intuitive touch controls, reducing operational pressure and enhancing user experience.

Compact and Comfortable Design: Weighing just 3.7g, the mini body of Haylou T15 earbuds offers an invisible wearing experience. The Falcon-inspired structure ensures balance and comfort from every angle.

Advanced Audio Quality: AAC support and the 6mm bio-diaphragm deliver HiFi stereo sound with punchy bass, clear highs, and detailed vocals, catering to every music genre.




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