Haylou Solar LS05


Metal Body 12 Sport Modes Sci-Sleeping Management A Whole-Day Heart-Monitoring 30 Days Standby

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Touchable Exquisite Design:

A Blast for the Young

  • Design Aesthetic: The Haylou Solar smartwatch embraces minimalist design trends. Its streamlined housing exudes a unique sport style that keeps you moving. The metal body, reminiscent of its name, shines on your wrist with a sleek arc.

TFT, HD, and High Light Display:

The Time and Your Watch Face Will Never Fade

  • Display Quality: The 1.28-inch TFT screen offers vibrant colors and detailed imagery, making visuals appear real and vivid. Whether in intense light or darkness, all details are clearly visible.

Creative Nano Band:

Comfortable and Breathable for Long Wear

  • Strap Technology: Utilizing nano lightwave technology, the soft silicone strap allows your wrist to breathe even when sweaty. The multi-hole design ensures the band is lightweight, comfortable for long-term wear, and adjustable to different wrist sizes.

Fearless Use in Workouts:

Up to 12 Sport Modes

  • Versatility: With up to 12 sport modes, the Haylou Solar smartwatch supports various activities without concern for power, sweat, or rain. Embrace an active lifestyle confidently.

12 Professional Sport Modes:

Safe and Effective Workouts

  • Expert Guidance: Choose from 12 sports modes to tailor your workout plans scientifically. Monitor your workout status by simply raising your wrist. The modes include:
    1. Jogging
    2. Fast walking
    3. Biking
    4. Climbing
    5. Spinning
    6. Yoga
    7. Indoor running
    8. Gym
    9. Free training
    10. Basketball
    11. Football
    12. Boating

30 Days of Standby:

No Panic for Power

  • Battery Life: The high-quality Li-ion battery ensures ultra-long battery life. A single charge provides 30 days of standby or 15 full days of heart monitoring. A low battery warning keeps you focused on the world outside.

Monitoring Accuracy:

Keeping Track of Your Health Status

  • Sophisticated Sensors: Advanced sport sensors track your workout, including steps, distance, and calorie consumption. Improved location algorithms enhance accuracy.

Sci-Sleeping Management:

Based on Big Data

  • Sleep Tracking: Developed from big data, sci-sleeping management uses built-in sensors to monitor sleep through physical body frequency. The Haylou Fit app records this data, providing insights into your nightly rest.

Constant Heart Monitoring:

Keeping Your Health Under Control

  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The embedded optical sensor and smart algorithm monitor heart rate changes 24/7. This feature helps prevent heart diseases and allows you to adjust your workout plan accordingly.

Haylou Fit:

Constantly Recording Every Change in You

  • Enhanced App: The Haylou Fit app records heart rate, steps, and sleep data with greater precision. Every stride in your health journey is documented. Smile at your Haylou Solar each time you raise your wrist.

Whole Day Notice:

Caring for Your Life

  • Notifications: Receive incoming call and message alerts to never miss important communications. Stand-up and target-achievement notices promote a healthy lifestyle. Gentle vibration alerts ensure you are notified without disturbing others.




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