Haylou Lady Bag


Comfortable Wearing Like Floating on Air -35dB ANC Keep Noise at Bay Small Bag Design Unique and Versatile Low Latency Mode Enjoy Visual-audio Sync 20-hour Battery Life Stay with Your Music


Small Bag Design:

Incorporates urban fashion elements, offering a unique and outstanding design. Customizable with options like light luxury leather, elegant knitting, or textured velvet.

Colorful Macarons Trendy Customization:

Available in different colors to match personal style preferences. Custom materials make the earbuds stand out.

Comfortable Wearing:

Compact and lightweight design conforms to ear canals for comfortable wearing, almost unnoticeable in the ears.

-35dB ANC:

Utilizes advanced ANC technology to cancel out various distractions, providing a peaceful listening experience in noisy environments.

HD Calls:

Microphones focus on the user’s voice during calls while filtering out background noise and wind for clearer conversations.

LIVE Sound Quality:

High-quality dynamic driver with special tuning and pro vocal optimization ensures extraordinary sound quality tailored for users.

Fast Connection & In-ear Detection:

Instant connection upon opening the cover. Earbuds automatically pause music when removed and resume playback when worn.

Low Latency Mode:

Offers low latency mode for synchronized visual-audio experiences, suitable for both music and gaming.

Precise Pinch Control:

Operations are changed from tapping to pinching to avoid accidental touches, providing more convenient control.

20-hour Battery Life:

Provides 5 hours of playtime on a full charge, with a total battery life of up to 20 hours when using the charging case.

These features combine to offer a stylish, comfortable, and high-performance audio experience with the HAYLOU Lady Bag earbuds.

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