Green Lion Kids Smart Watch Series – 3


Display: 1.83 ” HD Display 7 Days Stand-By Time Video Calling Two-Way Call SOS Alarms 4G Network GPS Trace 128MB RAM

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The Green Lion 4G Kids Smart Watch Series 3 seems to prioritize both safety and comfort for children while offering essential communication features and GPS tracking for parents’ peace of mind. Here’s a detailed overview of its features:

Slim and Long-lasting Battery:

The smartwatch is designed with a slim profile and a long-lasting battery, ensuring convenience and comfort for kids to wear throughout the day without worrying about frequent recharging.

1.83″ HD Display:

With a 1.83-inch HD display, kids can enjoy clear visuals and easy navigation on the smartwatch screen.

Two-way Voice and Video Call:

The smartwatch allows for two-way voice and video calls, enabling convenient communication between parents and children, especially in emergencies.

SOS Alarm Feature:

In case of emergencies, the SOS alarm feature provides a quick and easy way for children to call for help, ensuring their safety and security.

4G Network Compatibility:

The smartwatch supports 4G network connectivity, eliminating the need for a smartphone for communication purposes.

GPS Technology:

With GPS technology, parents can easily track their child’s exact location in real-time, providing added security and peace of mind.

Interchangeable Wristlets:

The smartwatch comes in two different colors, orange and yellow, with interchangeable wristlets, allowing children to personalize their device according to their preferences and interests.

Overall, the Green Lion 4G Kids Smart Watch Series 3 offers a comprehensive solution for parents seeking a safe and convenient communication device for their children, with features designed to prioritize both safety and comfort.


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