BOSE S1 Pro Plus


Powerful performance Portable with carry handle Integrated 3-channel mixer 4 positioning options Plays up to 11 hours Optional wireless accessories Control with the Bose Music app Bluetooth streaming

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BOSE S1 Pro Plus

It’s a pro move to bring big sound wherever you want music. Versatile, portable, powerful — the S1 Pro+ Wireless Speaker is your go-to for adding vibes to the backyard, bar, park, or any larger gathering. With a 3-channel mixer, you can stream a playlist, plug in a microphone, or your favorite instrument. Go with whatever the night calls for. And now you can simplify setup and get to the music faster when you add wireless RF accessories for mics and instruments. They pair effortlessly to the S1 Pro+ and store right in the speaker itself so they’re always ready for the next song.




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