Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200


Indoor/Outdoor 1080p High Definition Two-way voice calls Motion detection Works with Alexa & Google Home Detachable base Time-lapse photography Ultra-low light full-colour night vision F1.6 large aperture H.265 video coding Xiaomi Security Chip


High-Resolution 1080p Color Night Vision:

The camera boasts 1920x1080p high-resolution for guaranteed picture quality, with digital zoom and detail magnification. Its F1.6 large aperture increases light intake and improves image transparency, ensuring daytime magnification without blurring and night-time color retention. Ultra-low light full-color night vision allows for daytime color visibility in extremely low light conditions.

Ultra-Low Light Full-Color Night Vision:

Featuring a ƒ/1.6 large aperture and H.265 video coding, the camera captures more light and detail compared to an ƒ/2.0 aperture. It delivers daytime color visibility in extremely low light conditions and ensures smooth and clear imaging under the same network environment.

940nm Infrared Night Vision:

Enhanced 940nm infrared night vision enables clear visibility even in pitch-black conditions, without red dot disturbance. The camera’s performance is enhanced compared to 850nm LEDs, providing true non-intrusive infrared night vision.

Two-Way Voice Calls with Clear Sound:

Enjoy two-way audio communication with clear sound quality up to 5 meters, allowing seamless interaction as if face-to-face.

Human Recognition Technology:

AI human detection technology filters out unwanted alarms caused by non-human movements. Smartphone notifications are sent whenever abnormal behavior is detected, ensuring security.

Compact Form, Detachable Base:

The camera features a smart design with a detachable base, allowing for easy installation as a freestanding, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted device, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Time-Lapse Photography, Personalized Sounds:

Capture time-lapse recordings of various scenes such as flowers blooming or the sun rising and setting. The camera can automatically play personalized voice recordings when it detects moving objects, adding a fun and personalized touch to surveillance.

Local + Cloud Storage for Enhanced Security:

Support for local microSD storage enables automatic loop recording, while cloud storage offers additional security. Users receive a free 3-month rolling cloud storage with 24/7 recording of 9-second alarm videos in case of abnormal activities. Additional cloud storage services can be purchased for extended storage needs.

Works with Alexa and Google Home:

The camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, allowing users to view surveillance footage on their smart displays and control the camera’s operation through voice commands.




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