Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p


Easy wire-free installation High-resolution monitoring 130° wide viewing angle 90-day long battery life 5700mAh large battery PIR human detection 1080p resolution F 2.1 large aperture 7m night vision distance Smart Alarm


Wide Viewing Angle:

It features a 130° wide viewing angle, allowing it to capture a larger area in high resolution. This wide angle provides comprehensive coverage of outdoor spaces, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Long Battery Life:

The camera is equipped with a large 5700mAh battery, providing up to 90 days of battery life. This extended battery life ensures continuous surveillance without the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, it automatically records abnormal activity, enhancing security.

PIR Human Detection:

The camera utilizes PIR (Passive Infrared) human detection technology with a detection range of 7 meters. This feature detects human movement and triggers real-time alerts to your smartphone, ensuring prompt awareness of potential threats.

WDR Technology + Smart Night Vision:

With WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology and an F 2.1 large aperture, the camera can capture clear and detailed images even in challenging lighting conditions such as darkness and backlight. Its night vision capability extends up to 7 meters, ensuring clear visibility during low-light conditions, further enhancing security.

Independent Indoor Receiver:

The camera includes an independent indoor receiver that supports multiple storage options. These options include local TF cards, USB drives, and 3-day rolling cloud storage, providing flexibility in data storage and preventing information loss or leakage.

H.265 Video Encoding Technology:

The camera employs H.265 video encoding technology, which optimizes storage space and bandwidth usage. This technology ensures efficient video storage and transmission, saving storage space and bandwidth by up to 50%.

Motion Detection and Alerts:

Advanced motion detection capabilities enable the camera to send instant notifications to connected devices when motion is detected. This feature keeps users informed of any detected activity, enhancing security.

Two-Way Audio:

The camera features a two-way audio system, allowing users to communicate with individuals near the camera. This feature facilitates interaction with delivery personnel, guests, or potential intruders, further enhancing security.

Mi Home App Integration:

The camera seamlessly integrates with the Mi Home app, allowing for remote access, footage viewing, and customization of settings. Users can schedule recordings and adjust motion detection sensitivity through the app, enhancing user convenience and control.

Overall, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p Set offers a comprehensive set of features designed to provide reliable outdoor security surveillance. Its weather resistance, wide viewing angle, long battery life, advanced detection capabilities, and integration with the Mi Home app make it a versatile and user-friendly choice for outdoor security needs.




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