Soundpeats Free2 Classic


Stylish leather texture appearance & Comfortable fit Long battery life for 8 hours playtime per charge The superior sound delivered by a 6mm bio-compound diaphragm driver Flawless call & Multi-functional touch control Long battery life Dustproof Metal Mesh Mic USB Type-C Charging

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Crafted for the Fashionmonger:

The Free2 classic earbuds feature a unique design with delicate laser-engraving leather texture and modern metal elements, offering a stylish and exquisite look that complements various outfits.

Ultimate All-day Companion:

With significantly improved battery life compared to other earbuds in the Free Series, the Free2 classic provides up to 30 hours of playtime, ensuring maximum companionship throughout the day. Enjoy 8 hours of playtime on a single charge, whether you’re commuting or working from home.

Walking You Through the Soundscape:

Equipped with a 6mm bio-compound diaphragm driver, the Free2 classic delivers strong and punchy bass, immersing you in the original live show experience from the moment you put them on. The additional dust-proof metal mesh mics ensure clear vocals, seamlessly switching between music enjoyment and professional use.

Multi-Functional Touch Control:

The Soundpeats earbuds feature an all-in-one touch sensor, providing convenient control over various functions with ease. Stick to the traditional switch methods while enabling versatile usage in every aspect of your life.




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