Green Lion GK 200


45Hrs Working Time Without Light 8Hrs Work Time With Lights Battery Capacity:800mAh Safe Sound BT V5.2 AUX


Long Battery Life:

The headphones offer an impressive 45 hours of uninterrupted playtime with the lights off, ensuring extended entertainment for children. With the attractive light feature switched on, it provides an average of 8 hours of playtime, thanks to the strong 800mAh battery.

Safe Listening Environment:

Designed with user safety in mind, these headphones provide a safe listening environment for children by ensuring that volume levels are appropriate for young ears, protecting their hearing health while still allowing for an enjoyable listening experience.

AUX Input:

Equipped with an AUX input, the headphones allow for wired connectivity when wireless options are not available, offering flexibility in usage and compatibility with various devices.

Bluetooth V5.2 Technology:

Featuring the latest Bluetooth V5.2 technology, the GK-200 ensures a flawless wireless connection, providing stable and reliable audio streaming for uninterrupted entertainment.

Attractive Design:

Available in lovely pink, the Green Lion GK-200 Kids Wireless Headphone combines functionality with style, making it an attractive gift option for children who appreciate both aesthetic appeal and functionality in their gadgets.

Health and Quality:

By providing a safe listening experience and high-quality audio, the GK-200 headphone offers the perfect blend of health-conscious design and entertainment value for children, ensuring peace of mind for parents while still delivering a fun and engaging listening experience for kids.


Green Lion


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