Green Lion G-KID 8 Kids’ Learning Tablet 8″ | 2GB 64GB

Support IWAWA Kid Learning APP CPU: SC7731E, Quad-Core,1.3GHz Slots: SD & SIM Card Support Resolution: 8″ IPS1280*800 Connectivity: 3G Build In Support: Earphone Jack Internal Storage:64GB RAM:2GB High Touch Sensitivity With Back Case Stand Camera: 2.0+2.0MP Battery:4000mAh 2 Stereo Speakers  



Presenting the Green Lion G-Kid 8 Tablet, an educational and fun gadget that is both powerful and kid-friendly. For young brains, this tablet offers a secure lesson with support for the IWAWA Kid Learning APP. Its 1.3GHz Quad-Core CPU powers a range of apps with seamless performance. Bright images are shown on the tablet’s 8″ IPS display, which has a clear resolution of 1280×800. Its expandable connectivity options include an earphone connector, compatibility for SD and SIM cards, and built-in 3G. There is more than enough room for programs and data with 64GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM.High touch sensitivity is another feature that makes navigating on the Green Lion G-Kid 8 Tablet responsive and easy. It has a handy rear case stand that enables hands-free viewing. With the two stereo speakers and the 2.0+2.0MP cameras, you may enjoy crystal-clear audio while capturing memories. Longer usage is possible with the 4000mAh battery, and Type-C charging makes recharging faster. With an operating system based on Android 11.0, content filtering, parental controls, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this tablet provides an entire solution for kids’ entertainment and learning needs.


Green Lion


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