Green Lion G-KID 10 Kids’ Learning Tablet 10″ | 2GB 64GB

Support IWAWA Kid Learning APP CPU: SC7731E, Quad-Core,1.3GHz Slots: SD & SIM Card Support Resolution: 10″ IPS1280*800 Connectivity: 3G Build In Support: Earphone Jack Internal Storage/ RAM: 64GB/ 2GB High Touch Sensitivity With Back Case Stand Camera: 2.0+2.0MP Battery: 5000mAh Stereo Speakers G-sensor Charging: Type-C APP Access Control Monitor Activity OS: Android 11.0 Content Filter…



Presenting the Green Lion G-Kid 10 Tablet, an engaging and informative device meant to develop young brains. Supporting the IWAWA Kid Learning APP, this tablet offers a secure environment for kids’ growth. Its quad-core CPU, which operates at 1.3GHz, provides quick and seamless performance for a range of tasks and apps. It produces vivid images because of its wide 10″ IPS display, which has a resolution of 1280×800. The various connectivity choices include an earphone connector, compatibility for SD and SIM cards, and built-in 3G. Apps, courses, and creative projects will have enough room on the 64GB internal storage and 2GB RAM device.With its two 2.0MP cameras to capture memories, its built-in back case stand, and its high touch sensitivity, the Green Lion G-Kid 10 Tablet offers an excellent user experience. Its dual speakers produce clear, realistic sounds, and the 5000mAh battery guarantees a long lifespan. This tablet provides a smooth experience, equipped with a G-sensor for responsive gaming and Type-C charging for ease. It is powered by Android 11.0 and has Wi-Fi connection, content filtering, and parental controls to provide a safe and stimulating digital environment for kids to learn and explore.


Green Lion


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