Anker Motion X500


The Anker Motion X500 portable Bluetooth speaker boasts immersive spatial audio, Hi-Res certification, a compact design for travel convenience, an upward-firing driver for superior sound, and customizable ambient light control through its dedicated app.

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Anker Motion X500

  • Immersive Spatial Audio: The soundcore algorithm transforms stereo sound into 3-channel spatial audio for an ultra-immersive experience.
  • Certified Wireless Hi-Res Sound: With a 3X more detailed listening experience, it’s like hearing your favorite songs in a new light.
  • 3 Bold and Fresh Colors: Choose from Black Deluxe, Pink Punch, and Glitzy Blue finishes to find a look that matches your style.
  • Take Your Music Anywhere: This portable Bluetooth speaker is lightweight and ultra-compact, making it effortless to take with you on the go.
  • Upward Firing Driver with Ambient Light: The upward-firing driver adds an extra dimension of sound, while the built-in ambient light can be customized via the app.




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