70mai RC09 Rear Camera

Designed specifically for the rear of the car. 1080p Full HD Resolution 130° Viewing Angle Night Vision Includes an extra-long HDMI cable (5.5 meters) for connectivity. Easy installation with a 3M sticker Compatible with 70mai Dash Cam A400 providing you front and rear car camera driving experiences.



The 70mai Rear Camera RC09 is an ideal addition to your dashcam setup, specifically designed to monitor the rear of your car. When combined with the 70mai Dash Cam A400, it provides comprehensive coverage of your vehicle’s surroundings.

Excellent Video Performance:

The RC09 offers a sharp and clear 1080p Full HD image resolution, ensuring high-quality video footage. It also boasts a wide 130° viewing angle, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings.

The high image quality is beneficial in various scenarios, such as reverse parking in busy areas or capturing details during scenic drives. In the event of an accident, the optimal image quality ensures clear visibility of the other vehicle’s license plate, which is crucial for insurance purposes.

Easy Installation:

The RC09 is designed for hassle-free installation on the rear window of your car. It comes with a convenient 3M sticker for secure attachment.

The included extra-long HDMI cable (5.5 meters) ensures seamless connectivity and eliminates concerns about signal loss.

Compatibility: Specifically designed to be compatible with the 70mai A400 dash cam, providing a dual-channel recording setup for comprehensive coverage.

Viewing Angle: With a wide 140º field of view (FOV), it eliminates blind spots and enhances visibility, surpassing the coverage of ordinary rearview mirrors.

Night Vision: Equipped with Night Vision technology, the camera captures well-illuminated, clear, and sharp images even in low-light conditions, ensuring performance during nighttime driving.

Safety and Convenience: Adding the Xiaomi 70mai RC09 rear camera to your vehicle enhances safety and convenience, especially in parking and maneuvering situations. The compatibility with the 70mai A400 front dash cam ensures seamless integration and dual-channel recording capabilities.

Upgrade your driving safety with the Xiaomi 70mai RC09 Rear Camera, providing you with a broader perspective and clear visibility for a safer driving experience.




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